Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The R-O-D transitions. Baseball and other sadness.

The year 2018 follows the year 2017. This finds your modest, R-O-D'er thinking about reviving the inglorious b-l-o-g known as the R-O-D. This time, maybe I'll update it more than once every 3 years.

This time, we've got links and maybe some commentary.

First link:

Seattle and Public Banking: looks like Seattle may be taking the leap to make a public bank (something Alexander Hamilton would have gotten on board with should he have timed warped over here and not become a POG addict)

Sinking Ship?: Republican law makers are retiring. The House of Representatives may turn to the opposition party. My sources (an almost finished bag of Tapatio Doritos (you're welcome for the plug)) has told me it won't be a pajama jammy jam.

Cell Phone Jam? Can We Have Jelly Instead?: Another Politico link. Another attempt to plug the leaks in the White House. Hair plugs are still OK.

Shine On, Dave Cameron: While the entirety of Fangraphs, Dave Cameron was certainly as close to the heart and soul as could be. A bright future for him, I hope. Still, a shocker. I hope he can help the Friars (that's the San Diego Padres to you non-dorky baseball loving folks).

Why Did I Click This Link?: Old guys play music. Don't read this article as it is dumb.

Did Someone Die?: I haven't fully read this link, fair warning. The whole Fusion GPS testimony has a lawyer saying someone already "...been killed" thanks to the Russia-Trump investigation.

This is probably one of the worst link farms ever. Yet, you read it. Click them or something.

Monday, January 8, 2018

The R-O-D returns with... game reviews!

First, let's just get this out of the way: I backed Chroma Squad on Kickstarter. How could I pass up the option to help fund a game that is a tribute and commentary on the sentai genre?

The game itself is a tactical RPG that has you take control of a fledgling studio trying to make its way in the daunting world of sentai television. You choose your squad members (each one has different abilities they bring to the table), sayings, names, catch phrases... and most importantly colors. Always wanted 5 black rangers? You can do that here. Let me tell you, not having a dumb red guy as a leader was refreshing. Hot tip: pick the beaver as your leader and you shall never go wrong.

Combat is intuitive with plenty to unlock and good synergies between your squad. You have your leader, who is a cross between all the members. There's the assault person, who beats up things. You have your tech guru, who isn't Billy and thus, isn't terrible. There's your support - they heal and use bows (pink color optional). Finally, there's the scout... everyone forgets them and really, they just stab things.

The game is more than just a tribute, it has a fun little story that recognizes, comments, and embraces the genre. There are nods to other pop cultural references and events. While the joke could have worn thin, Behold Studios has deftly navigated the waters from poor imitation to love letter.

Chroma Squad is a tribute to a cultural phenomenon and a gift to those who share that same passion. I recommend taking a chance on this game - it's fun and entertaining. I enjoyed entering a giant gesalt mech and beating up giant enemies.

This review was timely when I forgot I had placed it in my drafts. I still like the game.

First new post in years!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Return of the Return of the Return of the Return of the Return of the Comeback of the R-O-D

Well now, it's been over a year since this giant ball of crap has rotated the sun and the R-O-D has been dormant.


Writing about baseball is hard when you don't watch too much (thanks to schedules). Instead of only writing, and drawing crap, about beisbol, the R-O-D is about to try writing about whatever the R-O-D wants.

Will the R-O-D succeed? Probably not. Will the R-O-D ever stop talking about the R-O-D in the third person? Probably not. Will the R-O-D be entertaining? Probably not. Did Easy-E die of complications from AIDS? Probably.

Was it necessary to make that joke? Probably not.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

An ancient tale

Long ago, a young looking bench Wizard tried to fight off a bloated, two headed beast. Tonight, we see a repeat of this scenario.

Let us hope that we see a victorious Olde English D.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well now...

It's raw.

I've survived 32 years of being a fan of the Detroit Tigers. I was a 6 year old kid in Washington (not DC), who just so happened to see Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker on TV. A short 2 years later, those Tigers won the World Series and that was the cement in my fandom.

29 years.

I'm approaching middle age, and I still love the game of baseball. I still love the Tigers. I still love the fact that I care.

Maybe that's why the losses bother me so much; why the wait for the next ballgame takes so long; why there is always worry gnawing at me no matter what the score says.


Tomorrow the Detroit Tigers will retake the field and tomorrow they'll have another chance at a win.

I can hardly wait.

Monday, October 7, 2013



Oh, and your baseball team is in trouble!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The R-O-D has awakened! aka HORRIBLE goes pants on head angry!

Justin Verlander gives the Tigers a chance to go up 2-0 against the Athletics and... the bats go *poof*. Then, of course, Ron Mexico does a terrible job in the 9th.

This, my one follower, was enough to wake the R-O-D from slumber.